Programme Schedule

DAY 1: 30th July (Monday)
8.30am:Breakfast at AEI (provided)
9.00am:Briefing session at ASEM Room, AEI
9.30am:Welcoming remarks by Professor Dr. Azirah Hashim, Executive Director of AEI
9.45am:AEI video
10.00am:Photo session
10.30am:Introduction to Malaysia by Mr Muhammad Sufi
12.00pm:Lunch (provided)
2.00pm:Module: “Malaysia: The Past, Present and Future” by Dr. Roy Anthony Rogers
4.00pm:Free and easy
DAY 2: 31st July (Tuesday)
8.30am:Breakfast at AEI (provided)
9.00am:Module: “Crisis Migration in Asia and Europe: Challenges and Reactions” by Dr. Rahul Mishra
12.00pm:Lunch (provided)
2.00pm:Module: “Indigenous Society in Malaysia” by Mr. Kamal Solhaimi
4.00pm:Free and easy/ Refreshment
DAY 3: 1st August (Wednesday)
8.30am:Breakfast at AEI (provided)
9.00am:Module: “Multiculturalism in Europe: Identity, Ethnic and   Diversity” by Professor Anis Bajrekteravic
12.00pm:Lunch (provided)
2.30pm:Module: “Cultural Diversity in Asia and Europe” by Major (R) Mohd Ridzuan Mohd Shariff
4.30pm:Free and easy
DAY 4: 2nd August (Thusday)
7.30am:Breakfast at Dormitory (provided)
8.30am:Board bus to Putrajaya
9.30am:Arrive at Putrajaya
10.30am:Briefing Session
11.00am:Special Dialog with Ministry of Education Malaysia
12.00pm:Lunch (provided)
1.00pm:Board bus for tour of Putrajaya
4.00pm:Board bus to UM
DAY 5: 3rd August (Friday)
9.00am:Breakfast at AEI (provided)
10.00am:Module: “Malaysia: The Road to Nationhood” by Professor Dr. Sivamurugan Pandian
:Lunch (provided)
3.30pm:Cultural Activity: “Mencanting Batik” @ Chancellery Building
5.00pm:Free and easy
DAY 6: 4th August (Saturday)
7.30am:Breakfast (provided)
8.30am:Board bus to Melaka
12.00pm:Lunch (provided)
2.00pm:Kampung  games & activities (outdoor)
5.00pm:Free and easy
8.00pm:Dinner (provided)
9.00pm:Culture Activities
DAY 7: 5th August (Sunday)
8.00am:Breakfast (provided)
8.30am:Board bus to Melaka City
9.30am:Walkabout around the UNESCO world heritage sites;

A’Famosa, St. Peter’s Church, St. Paul Hill & etc.

11.30am:Melaka River Cruise
12.20pm:Viewing Melaka Panorama at Taming Sari Tower
1.20pm:Lunch & Dinner by own convenience/ Free and easy
6.00pm:Board bus to Kuala Lumpur
*Meeting point: Melaka Taming Sari Tower
DAY 8: 6th August (Monday)
8.30am:Breakfast at AEI (provided)
9.00am:Board van to Dewan Tunku Chancellor, UM
9.30am:Module: “Cultural Diversity in Asia: Music and Movements” by Assoc. Professor Dr. Mohd Nasir bin Hashim
:Followed by a session on “Music & Movement”
11.00am:Board van to AEI
12.00pm:Lunch (provided)
2.00pm:Module: “The World of Cinema: Through the lenses of Asia and Europe ”
4.30pm:Free and easy
DAY 9: 7th August (Tuesday)
8.30am;Breakfast at AEI (provided)
9.00am:Module: “Religious Pluralism in Asia: Southeast Asia and Beyond” by Professor Emeritus Dr. Omar Farouk
12.00pm:Lunch (provided)
2.00pm:Group Discussion
4.00pm:Free and easy
5.00pm:Cultural Activity: Kayak @ Varsity Lake
DAY 10: 8th August (Wednesday)
8.30am:Breakfast at Dormitory (provided)
9.00am:Board bus to Kuala Lumpur
9.30am:Visit to Merdeka Square
10.00am:Visit to Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
11.00am:Board bus to Carcosa Seri Negara Exhibition: “Jalan Merdeka”
12.30pm;Lunch by own convenience
1.30pm:Board bus to Central Market
3.30pm:Board bus to UM
DAY 11: 9th August (Thursday)
7.30am:Breakfast at Dormitory (provided)
8.30am:Board bus to Batu Caves
10.00am:Board bus to National Monument
12.00pm:Lunch by own convenience
2.00pm:Board bus to Thean Hou Temple
4.00pm:Board bus to UM
:Free and easy
DAY 12: 10th August (Friday)
8.30am:Breakfast at AEI (provided)
9.00pm:Roundtable: “The Challenges of Pluralism and the Future of  Cultural Diversity” with

  1. Professor Dr. Azirah Hashim, Executive Director of AEI
  2. Professor Anthony Milner, Visiting Professor of AEI
  3. AEI Academics
12.00pm:Lunch (provided)
6.30pm:Closing Dinner